Wireless Barcode Scanner Suppliers


The wireless barcode scanner is an equipment which one needs for the sake of investment when you take any of the business. This is because every business needs to encode data for an inventory or varied purposes of sales. Furthermore, there is no need to bring an individual package beside your computer so as to scan the details. With this, a person just has the whole scanner handy. Therefore, we are the best Wireless barcode scanner suppliers in Delhi who render all our goods and services with just like any optical scanner. This wireless barcode scanner collects the data and information but from a far distance. It is basically designed for the batch processing applications in the fields of light industrial, retail, government or warehousing and distribution centres. It also helps you in tracking your inventory more efficiently and accurately while increasing the speed of your operations and improving response to the patron.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and slim

Increases end-user satisfaction and productivity with a comfortable, easy-to-use design.

  • High-quality 1D laser scanner

Captures data accurately to improve productivity and operating efficiency Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 Offers an open, flexible platform for faster and easier application development and porting.

  • User-accessible SD Card slot

Offers flexibility to expand storage volume or connect wirelessly.

  • Rugged design for light industrial use

Enhances product lifecycle with less downtime: Designed to withstand multiple 4-foot (1.2-m) drops to concrete and up to 500 1.65-foot (0.5-m) tumbles, while IP54-rated sealing protects against water and dust for reliable performance in a variety of environmental conditions.

  • High-speed Intel XScale processor

Delivers fast performance and processing power for enterprise-level applications.

  • 32MB RAM/64MB ROM

Supplies ample storage capacity for applications and data.

  • 240x 240 resolution/2.2-in. monochrome display

Improves productivity with the highest resolution display in this product class.

  • Simplified large keypad design

Allows gloved operation and accurate data entry.

  • USB 1.1 host and client

Shortens transfer time for terminal/host data exchange.

  • Flexible power source

Permits end user to choose between AAA (included) or Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, and to change power sources as necessary.

  • Device management with Mobility Services Platform (MSP)

Reduces total cost of ownership with accelerated rollout and centralized visibility into mobile devices and applications.

  • Free MCL Client

Enables rapid application development and economical deployment