Honeywell wireless - Dolphin 7600


The Dolphin® 7600 mobile computer is now available with GSM wireless technology and built-in GPS hardware. Small, lightweight and built for the worker who is constantly on the move, the Dolphin 7600 features the data collection and communication capabilities that keep businesses connected to their employees, their customers and their supply chain - empowering them to work smarter..

Features and Benefits

Built-In GPS Technology: Enables turn-by-turn navigation, driver route optimization, “bread-crumbing,” geo-fencing, and other   location-based applications.
Small, Ergonomic Design: Contoured, narrow body with an integrated finger saddle and angled image engine for comfortable   one-handed use.
Engineered for Durability: Constructed for reliable use in light-industrial applications–in the field and on-site.
Wireless Full Area Networking™ (WFAN): Real-time data exchange and voice communications on-site or off, plus Bluetooth for   efficient wireless connection to peripheral devices.
Versatile, High Performance Data Collection: Adaptus Imaging 5.0 enables workers to capture more service-enhancing   frontline data by reading linear and 2D bar codes, intelligently capturing signatures and taking digital pictures.
Full Shift Power Management: Powers an entire work shift of use, delivering uninterrupted data processing for enhanced worker   productivity and reduced battery replacement costs


7600-HBE Dolphin 7600 HomeBase™: includes charging cradle with USB communication. Power supply comes with terminal.
7600-MME Dolphin 7600 Mobile Mount Kit: includes vehicle mounting bracket, RAM mount and hardware for securing the   bracket to the RAM mount

7600-HBSE Dolphin 7600 HomeBase™ : includes charging cradle with serial communication. Power supply comes with

7600-MC2E Dolphin 7600 Gen II Mobile Charger: includes Dolphin 7600 Gen II Mobile Charger with coiled cable and cigarette   lighter power adapter
7600-QCE Dolphin 7600 QuadCharger™: includes Dolphin 7600 Series four-slot battery charging station. Power cord is not   included and can be selected from the list below
300000713E: Dolphin 7600 wall power supply for charging direct to the terminal via side connector, communication/charge   cable or HomeBase™
7600-BTEC: Dolphin 7600 Extended Battery (for WLAN configurations) 3.7V, 12.0 watt-hour Li-ion battery pack
77900506E Cable: power cord, power supply to AC outlet, straight, 1.8m (6.0ft)
100003893E: Dolphin 7600 wall power supply adapter US plug, included in each terminal
7600-RS232 E: Dolphin 7600 RS-232 charging and communications cable
7600-Serial E: Dolphin 7600 RS-232 communications cable
7600-USB E: Dolphin 7600 USB charging and communications cable
7600-UTC E: Dolphin 7600 unterminated cable for RS-232 communication and charging
80000355E: 6 ft. (1.8m) USB cable
77900910E: Cable, RS-232 Length: 6.0 ft. (1.8m)
300000711E: Dolphin 7600 stylus kit (3 pack)
300000712E: Dolphin 7600 screen protectors (6 pack)
00001240 Stylus & strap kit: 2 plastic stylus with cushion tip and 1 Dolphin 7600 hand strap
7600 Clip E: Dolphin 7600 swivel belt clip
7600 Cover E: Dolphin 7600 protective enclosure with button for belt clip
7600 Cover4E: Dolphin 7600 Gen II protective enclosure with IrDA cutout and button for belt clip
7600 Holster E: Dolphin 7600 holster with belt loop
7600 Lanyard E: Dolphin 7600 wrist lanyard
7600 Strap E: Dolphin 7600 hand strap with three position stylus holder
7600-PC2E: Dolphin 7600 Gen II protective cover: Includes a slide on rubber boot.
7600-PCE: Dolphin 7600 protective cover: Includes a slide-on rubber boot