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TVS Thermal Printer Dealer

Thermal transfer printers are more most often to be consumed so as to create labels, barcodes and majorly the clothing tags. Owing to its durability and speed of the images created by it particularly from the damage and water prevention, our TVS Thermal Printer Dealer in India deals in the top notch quality of all such goods and services with cost adequate rates and flawlessness in the performance of the same. Our thermal printers are well known, especially for its high printing speed. Some of the many benefits of our printers are listed as follows:
Handheld CCD Scanner
Higher Number of Pixels
High Scan Rate
High Depth of Field
Lower PCS (Print Contrast Settings)
Auto scan/Hands free mode
Rugged Body

Features and Benefits
Number of pixels: - It has 2500 pixels, which increases the resolution of scanner and helps in better decoding of Barcodes. Higher Number of pixels makes it enable to decode faded barcodes and in making sharper scans.

High Scan Rate:- The scan speed of 330 scans per second is highest in this category of scanners. This makes it fastest scanner in its class. Higher Scan rate will help in faster retail checkout and wherever quick decoding is required.

High Depth of field:- Depth of field of up to 300 mm makes user enable of decoding from larger distances. Lower PCS (Print Contrast Settings): PCS is the ratio of the reflectance between the bars and spaces of a symbol) of 30% which enables it to read even slightly damaged/faded Barcodes.

Auto Sense/Hands free:- It is enabled with auto sense technology which makes it enable to use in Hands free mode.

Rugged Body:- Able to withstand drops of upto 1.5 m.