What is an RFID Reader ?

An RFID reader’s function is to interrogate RFID tags. The means of interrogation is wireless and because the distance is relatively short; line of sight between the reader and tags is not necessary. A reader contains an RF module, which acts as both a transmitter and receiver of radio frequency signals. The transmitter consists of an oscillator to create the carrier frequency; a modulator to impinge data commands upon this carrier signal and an amplifier to boost the signal enough to awaken the tag. The receiver has a demodulator to extract the returned data and also contains an amplifier to strengthen the signal for processing. A microprocessor forms the control unit, which employs an operating system and memory to filter and store the data. The data is now ready to be sent to the network.


  • Collect and Integrate Data – Our Middle ware acts as a gateway or server where it connects different systems together enabling the efficient transport of data. When tags are read by an RFID reader, the data collected can be sent directly to the middle ware in order to process it and then send it where it needs to go (such as warehouse management system, system database, or any other application). Readers communicate to Middle ware via Reader Edge clients and similarly for other IoT devices.
  • Filter Data – In RFID applications, tagged items are read over and over again by the same RFID reader depending on how long they are in the field. RFID Middle ware filters out the RFID tag reads, deemed most important and removes redundant or repetitive reads.
  • Structure Data – Middle ware provides users the ability to understand what data they are collecting from each device (RFID reader, barcode scanners, etc.) and maps out the structure of where that data goes and when.
  • Manage Devices – Middle ware is able to control the networking and settings of RFID readers (and other similar devices) and provides a simple way to update any change that needs to be made, even if there are varying types and brands of RFID readers on the network.
  • Integrate I/O devices – Middle ware not only integrates RFID readers and/or Enterprise applications but also collects or controls our real time actions required for a business operation through parsing appropriate control signal to I/O devices like PLC’s, stack lights, buzzing etc.

RFID Reader Antennas

Compact, high-performance, wide-band and general indoor / outdoor installation. All types of RFID reader antennas have been optimized for unique implementation based on your requirements.

RFID Readers

Our RFID readers are designed to provide immediate visibility into your business processes. They can be used anywhere, including the retail floor, loading dock, warehouse or for any other type of enterprise asset management.


We provide RFID solutions that support a wider range of RFID tags and labels. These tags are offered through our broader ecosystem of RFID partners.

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